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Year 3

PDF files are teaching notes Word documents are work sheets

Science - Watch the Oak Academy lesson to further your knowledge and understanding of the different food groups.  Please copy the link into your internet browser to access the lesson. Make a poster of each food group with the health benefit or disadvantages and some examples of the different foods.


Why do people with different lifestyles need different diets? Follow the Oak Academy lesson to further your learning of this. Consider how you and your family may need different diets to the other people you know.  


Geography – Use the Oak Academy lessons to find out more about the United Kingdom and Europe. Choose some different places around the world to do some independent research of. Find out about their physical or human features and record these on a poster. Make a postcard from this place showing the features in picture form on the front. 



PSHE – This term we are looking at how we and others are kind. Explore all the different ways you or someone else could show kindness. Make a guide on kindness to help others. Consider who benefits from kindness and how we could all do more to make the world a kinder place. 

Art – Choose some objects in or around your house to practice sketching using the sketching techniques you learnt in class. Try sketching the same object twice or three times to see how you can improve it. Look really carefully at the object to record the finer details.

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