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Children should:

  • learn to listen actively and so develop concentration and comprehension skills;
  • develop the ability to express themselves verbally in a variety of situations;
  • achieve enjoyment and success in their use of and response to books and other written materials;
  • develop the ability to read, understand and respond to a wide range of text types, including fiction & non-fiction;
  • be able to write in a variety of forms for different audiences and purposes;
  • become confident in handling ICT to improve their reading & writing skills;
  • learn to express their meaning clearly in writing through:
      1. well-formed cursive writing;
      2. imaginative use of vocabulary;
      3. an adequate spelling vocabulary &/or strategies for spelling unknown words;
      4. correct punctuation;


At Falkland School, early readers follow a colour banded reading progression, which includes a variety of reading books from the Oxford Reading Tree, Big Cat and Floppy’s Phonics schemes.  We aim to provide your child with a rich diet of books, both fiction and non-fiction.  From this academic year, we are also introducing a ‘class library’ scheme, kindly funded by the local Rotary Club,  which will allow your child to borrow non-reading scheme books from their classroom to enjoy reading together at home.

We work to develop, use and enjoy English as fully as possible by extending our pupils capabilities in: speaking & listening, reading and writing. We aim to provide a rich, broad and purposeful curriculum which, in combination with systematic target setting, marking and feedback and peer and self-assessment, enables children to improve their work and make good progress.


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