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Feedback appreciated!

Please could you take some time to tell us what you thought of the Masterclass Series overall? Just click here

And if you could also tell us what you thought of the individual sessions we'd be VERY grateful. Click here for the link

group work

Over a eight week period in January, February and March the Masterclass team from the Royal institution are running a pilot online programme with two Newbury schools. The topics covered are:

1. Triangles, triangles, triangles! (week 1 & 2)

2. Magic Squares

3. The Power of Pictures (Florence Nightingale)

4. Exploring the Solar System

Half Term

5. How Computers Think-led by Ben Dornan

6. Codes and Ciphers- led by Sam Durbin

These Masterclasses are for selected children from Falkland Primary and St Nicolas Primary


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