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Exploring the solar system (11/12 February)

In this Masterclass we will use mathematics to solve a real life astronomical problem from a few years ago! We will investigate the scale of the solar system, using standard form, and gain a fresh perspective on just how big space is!

solar system

What you will need to take part:

You will need the printouts attached below, plus a pencil, some felttips, a toliet roll(!) a piece of string about 20cm long and a couple of small pieces of sellotape or small stickers. If you cannot find any of these things at home, don't worry, we will work around it!

If you are able to print  "OTS Solar System 2 draw an ellipse" on thin card, or stick the paper printout on a piece of thin card, that would be great

If you can printout the "just the planets" pdf, and cut the pictures apart, that would also be brilliant!

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