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The Power of Pictures (4/5 February 2021)

What's it all about?

Discover some of the important mathematical work of Florence Nightingale, and the power of pictures to convey important messages. After this Masterclass you will understand one of the ways in which mathematicians save lives!

Here is the website which represents numbers in beautiful ways.

Have a look at your birthdate and see what your picture is. Here is mine for 16, as I was born on the 16th

Can you see what is special about the numbers which are represented by a single circle?




On Thursday we learnt how to do a magic trick! (Of course it is all down to the magic of maths really...but it looks like a good bit of mind reading!)

What do I need to take part?

To participate each day it would be helpful to have some scrap paper and a pen or pencil, a ruler, scissors  and some coloured pencils or highlighters. If you can not print any of the documents I will help you work around it, don't worry!

To take part on Thursday you need one copy each of

  1. The treasure hunt printouts, cut into the 13 blue pieces (if you can, I have a work around if you can't print)
  2. The Florence timeline answer sheet (if you can, not essential)
  3. The data collection sheet 

To take part on Friday you need one copy of each of

  1. The Rose diagram template 
  2. Florence take home activities sheet 
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