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Magic Squares Masterclass (28/29 January 2021)

Come and discover just how magic magic squares are! 

Explore these squares of numbers where all rows, columns and diagonals add up to the same magic total.

Find out about their history in art, sculpture and legend and learn how to create your own magic squares of different sizes.



To participate each day it would be helpful to have some scrap paper and a pen or pencil and some coloured pencils or highlighters. If you can not print any of the documents I will help you work around it, don't worry!

To take part on Thursday you need one copy each of

  1. Optional: the digit cards printed out and cut out (document 01 above) or make your own version. You only need one set!
  2. Document 03, the fill in 4x4 magic squares,
  3. Document 07 the Durer easy to read squares

To take part on Friday you need one copy of each of

  1. Document 05 Random Total Magic Square
  2. Document 06 Special Date Magic Square
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