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Year 1

What should we be doing?

Please dont worry your child will be behind when we start back. Each child learns at diiferent speeds and in different ways - we as teachers are used to our children being at different starting points. We will cope and be able to sort that out in a variety of ways. That is normal for us as teachers.

What is more important is your child's mental well being ( and yours). Have fun, bake, take a walk together as a family, play games together, watch a dvd together. And read and read and read!

Do the school work in short batches - 15 minutes for younger ones. Have lots of breaks, use the video links and BBCbite size.

Use the links from before Easter and revisit any work you enjoyed or  just didn't get around to starting/finishing.

White Rose Hub work sheets

Week 5

Work for Week 3 and 4

Work from Week 1 and 2

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