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Homework schedule

Homework for KS1

In KS1, we want homework to be a way of children building fluency at this early stage of their learning. We will set a weekly homework that will support development of spelling, reading and understanding of number. For children to be successful learners throughout their time in education, we know that these foundations prove vital. 

We also love to set challenges linked to our topics. Creative and/or writing links will help your child to build a broad and deep understanding of objectives taught at school. For these challenges, children may use skills learnt from history, geography, music, art, ICT, D+T or a mixture of lessons combined. They will be asked to explore their learning creatively and to consider different approaches to completing a challenge. These will be set as and when the teacher deems it appropriate.

Homework for Lower Juniors

In the Lower Juniors, we have chosen to mirror our broad and balanced curriculum through our approach to homework. We have created a homework grid which consists of a number of different activities for each subject and these are linked to the topics the pupils are studying for the term.  The pupils have to complete a minimum number of activities but they can choose to challenge themselves with their learning at home. The pupils really enjoy the wide range of activities and being able to develop their creativity. It has been wonderful to see the pupils embrace the homework and we have had some fantastic recipes, artwork and models produced by the pupils. 

Homework for Upper Juniors

In Upper Juniors children will be given Maths, Guided Reading and Spelling homework each week to reinforce what they have been learning in class. In Year 6, children will also work on their Mordor writing project as well as doing extra revision sessions for SATs.

Additionally, in Year 5, children will take part in two projects: The Space Project and The International Homework Challenge. These will allow the children to pursue an area of interest in detail and broaden their understanding of topics related to those they have been learning, presenting them to parents as part of a sharing afternoon.

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