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Our Vision is...

To develop all our children to be healthy, confident, articulate, life long learners who are making a positive contribution to society.
To ensure all our children leave us with the skills, knowledge and mindset to reach their full potential.



Falkland Values 

Values are principles that drive our thinking and behaviour and underpin the life and work of our school community; promotes a way of being that values the self, others and the environment. Research continues to evidence the positive effects on pupils, both socially and academically, when educators model and teach about universal, positive human values.

We hope that our Falkland values inspire our children to adopt positive values in their lives so that they can strive to be the best people that they can be and actively demonstrate these values in their daily lives, thereby helping to create a sustainable world. We hope that our Falkland values influence our actions and attitudes, and guide us through life in all that we do and influence our relationship with ourselves and others in a positive manner.

At Falkland we have six core values:


At the same time, we want to promote positive learning behaviours in classrooms and we have adapted a system called Building Learning Powers (BLP). To make it child friendly, we have introduced six animal characters that link to our six core values:

  • Teamwork – because we work as a team (Team Ant)
  • Honesty – because we are honest (Honest Owl)
  • Resilience – because we are resilient (Tough Turtle)
  • Reflection – because we are reflective (Reflective Racoon)
  • Kindness – because we are kind (Sensitive Squirrel)
  • Resourcefulness – because we are resourceful (Busy Bees)

Year 5 and Year 6 pupils use words such teamwork, kindness, honesty, reflection, resourcefulness and resilience in place of  the animal characters.

We believe that confidence in ourselves and our abilities underpins all of these values and learning behaviours.


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