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Governors’ Profiles

  • David Stowe - Chair of Governors (Co-opted Governor, Sep ’21 – Sep '23)

     I moved to Newbury with my young family shortly before my son started at Falkland Primary School in 2016. Professionally, I am a Senior Product Manager for Gatan Inc and EDAX LLC, business units within AMETEK that provide scientific instruments to industrial and academic markets. I have financial accountability for my product lines and am responsible for identifying new market opportunities and defining product development roadmaps and marketing strategies.

    Over the last two years, I became involved in my son’s education more deeply than I imagined that I ever would be. This experience reinforced my belief of the importance of schools to the educational and emotional development of young people and, was delighted that I would have the opportunity to use the skills I have developed professionally to support the school when I was asked to join the board of governors in September 2021. With my daughter starting Reception at Falkland at the same time, I have a strong passion to ensure that Falkland maintains and builds on its reputation for excellence.

    Positions of responsibility: Chair of Governors, Finance Group, Data Grouop, Curriculum Group and Headteacher Performance Management Committee

    Declarations of interest: Ametek (UK) Ltd and two children at Falkland Primary School

  • Linda Wood - Headteacher

    I have been a teacher for 32 years and a Headteacher for 9 years. I have served on a number of governing boards in a variety of roles. I have taught all ages of children from 4 to 14. I have taught in Yorkshire, Buckinghamshire (where I was also an advisory teacher for ICT) and Berkshire.

    I welcome the knowledge of the business and education world that our governors have and freely offer for the well being of the school. I enjoy the challenge and discussion that happen in the course of governors meetings but find the very late ones more difficult to cope with as I get older!!

    Positions of responsibility: Finance Group and Data Group

    Declarations of interest: None

  • Frances Rayson - Vice-Chair (Co-opted Governor, May ’21 – May ’23)

    I was privileged to be asked if I would like to join the Governing Board of Falkland school as a Community Governor following the departure of the previous Vicar of St George’s, who had himself been a Governor. This provided a continuing link between St George’s and the School, something that has been valued by both the Church and School over many years.
    After graduating in Economics, I worked in Local Authority Management Services and then latterly for a small healthcare company working in all areas from finance and administration to sales and marketing.
    I am now in my fourth term as Governor and it continues to be both a challenge and a pleasure. I was a member of the Curriculum Committee for three years prior to a reorganisation of the committee system and have since served as Chair of the Resources Committee, Vice-Chair of Governors and Chair of Governors until July 2017.
    I very much enjoy Governor Days in school, which provide opportunities to speak to pupils and staff and to experience daily life of Falkland School at first hand. I retired seven years ago and this has enabled me to contribute more to the school than I had previously been able to do. I am always impressed by the achievements of the children and the commitment of the staff. It is a pleasure to be associated with the school.

    Positions of responsibility: Vice Chair, Finance Group (Chair), Data Group and SEND/PPG Link Governor

    Declarations of interest: None

  • Susan Wright - (Co-opted Governor, May ’21 – May ’23)

    I have lived in Wash Common for over 30 years and both my son and daughter enjoyed their time at Falkland school which gave them a solid foundation for their life’s journey. I have recently given up my full-time work as head of a multi million pound university purchasing consortium and would like to use the various skills and knowledge that I have gained to help the school continue to excel in an ever more challenging environment. 

    Falkland School is an asset to the community of Wash Common and I would like to ensure that the young people continue to have a safe and stimulating environment in which to learn and develop their full potential.

    Positions of responsibility: Finance Group, Headteacher Performance Management Committee, Curriculum Group and Safeguarding Link Governor

    Declarations of interest: Absolutely Procurement Ltd


  • Dan Evans - Parent Governor, Sep '19 - Sep '23

    Awaiting profile.

    Declarations of interest: None

  • Rachel Page - Co-opted Governor, May ’21 – May ’23

    As a parent of former Falkland pupils, I was delighted to be approached to serve as a co-opted governor for Falkland, and welcome the opportunity to give something back to both the school and the local community.

    I graduated in Electronic Engineering some 25 years ago, and have spent most of my career in engineering and IT, managing projects and programmes for a range of clients from UK government agencies to multi-national organisations. Leading change and managing the transition of organisations through IT-related business change has been a key part of my working life, and I hope to be able to use this experience to support the school through whatever challenges lie ahead.

    My career, and my experience as a parent, has shown me the importance of encouraging interest in STEM subjects from an early age, but I strongly believe it is equally important to develop happy and creative children with the self-confidence to take on whatever the future holds for them. It is this ethos of developing the whole child which I have always felt is strong at Falkland, and I hope my work as a governor will continue to support this.

    Positions of responsibility: Data Group (chair)

     Declarations of interest: Dell Technologies

  • Kirsty McKenzie - Co-opted Governor, Mar ’22 – Mar ’24

    I have lived in the Newbury area for most of my life, minus a brief period away for University, so I have a keen interest in the local area. Having two children already at Falkland, I felt I wanted to contribute to the school in some way. When the role of a Health and Safety governor was advertised I felt that my skills from working as an Architectural Technologist would fit perfectly. Part of my training and day to day working involves addressing health and safety issues, not just for site workers, but also for the general public and colleagues alike.

    I believe that these formative years for children in their learning are crucial, not just from the level and quality of teaching, but also in their environment, both physical and emotional. To be able to be part of this journey and to be able to contribute in any way I can is exciting and a great opportunity.

    I am the link governor for Health and Safety.

    Positions of responsibility: Pay Committee and H&S Link Governor

    Declarations of interest: None

  • Gabrielle Bowie - Parent Governor, Sep ’19 – Sep ’23

    I am originally from Norwich but after graduating from the University of St Andrews in 2009, I moved to Berkshire with my husband. We now live in Newbury with our young family. Our eldest daughter, Cecilia, started at Falkland in 2018 and our youngest, Rosalie, started in 2020. 

    After many years working in policy roles for Government Ministers in the Houses of Parliament, I took up a role in local government so that I could work closer to home. I now work at West Berkshire Council as its lead officer for economic development. My remit includes the skills agenda, inward investment, destination management and smart cities initiatives. 

    I was thrilled to have been appointed as a Parent Governor in 2019 and feel honoured to be able to play an important part in the school community.

    Positions of responsibility: Marketing Group, Staff Wellbeing and Equalities Link Governor

    Declarations of interest: West Berkshire Council, Newbury Business Improvement District Community Interest Company

  • Margaret Marsh - Co-opted Governor, Sep ’21 – Sep ’23

     I was delighted to be invited to join the Governing Board at Falkland Primary School in September 2021. I am a member of the Marketing Group and Link Governor for EYFS.

     My husband and I moved to Newbury from Lincolnshire in 2016 to be close to our daughter and her family. Over the last five years I have watched our two granddaughters grow and learn. The elder is now in Year 1, the younger will join the school in 2022.  I have enjoyed their educational journey and was privileged to be part of it during lockdown in early 2021.

    I have worked in secondary education, all of my working life. I have been a teacher of MFL, a middle manager and an Assistant Headteacher in a large Lincolnshire secondary school. In retirement I have volunteered for a Mental Health Charity and Childline. I would like to use the skills I have acquired in my working life and retirement for the benefit of Falkland Primary School.

    I look forward to working with the Governing Board and staff. As a relative new comer to Wash Common, I am keen to get to know people and to contribute to school life and the local community.  

    Positions of responsibility: Curriculum Group (Chair) and EYFS Link Governor

    Declarations of interest: None

  • James Manuel - Co-opted Governor, Jan ’20 – Dec '23

    Awaiting profile.

    Positions of responsibility: Pay Committee, Marketing Group and GDPR Link Governor

    Declarations of interest: None

  • Angela Brennan - Co-opted Governor, Feb ’23 – Feb '25

    Awaiting profile.

    Positions of responsibility: TBA

    Declarations of interest: None

  • Rachel Cook - Staff Governor, Jun ’19 – Jun '23

      Awaiting profile.






    Declarations of interest: None

  • Kavashni Bamfield - Deputy Head Teacher (Associate Member Oct '17 - Sep '25)

    I was born and grew up in Durban, South Africa. In the first year, post-Apartheid, my parents made a brave decision to move into a previously ‘White only’ area in order for my siblings and I to receive a high quality standard of education in one of the many newly opened multi-racial secondary schools. My parents’ decision was deeply rooted in the value they placed on education. Their importance on education continues to resonate within me and so it was little surprise when I chose to study to become a teacher. I have been teaching for 14 years across South Africa, Denmark and now in England. Before coming to Falkland School, I spent 9 years teaching in a challenging, inner London school and spent several years as a leading mathematics teacher. I am passionate about teaching mathematics. After having our first child, who attends Falkland School, we decided to swap our busy lives in London for a much quieter life in Newbury. It was a very conscious decision to be fully immersed in life within and out of school as both as a teacher and a parent at Falkland. We continue to enjoy being part of the Wash Common community.

    Positions of responsibility: Finance Group

    Declarations of interest: None

  • Laura Dove - Inclusion Manager (Associate Member Oct '17 - Jul '26)

    I was born in Berkshire but moved to Hong Kong as a small child where I lived until I was 15. My family then moved back to Reading and I went to the local secondary school. I have be fortunate enough to experience a variety of schools during my childhood and teenage years and I knew that I always wanted to be a teacher. I went to university in Bristol and have been a qualified teacher for 16 years. I have taught in Hampshire and Berkshire and have always had an interest in special educational needs. I became a SENCo 10 years ago and since then have worked in a special school as well as in mainstream schools. I have only been at Falkland for a little over a year but already feel very much part of the Falkland family.

    Positions of responsibility: Marketing Group

    Declarations of interest: None

  • Carol Hawkins - School Business Manager (Associate Member Feb '23 - Feb '27))

    I have been associated with Falkland Primary School since my two sons attended. I was elected a Parent Governor and enjoyed the chance to enhance and influence the education and direction of the school for 14 years. In 2009, I was delighted to be appointed as the Administration Manager and continued to study, achieving my Certificate of School Management. My role is a combination of strategic planning, health and safety management, HR and everything child centred - medicines, dinners, lost teeth, starting or moving school and a myriad of other everyday occurrences! I am looking forward to serving as an associate governor as I believe our children only get one chance for a good education and we need to make sure we strive to make sure that happens at Falkland.

    Positions of responsibility: Marketing Group

    Declarations of interest: None

  • Alison Atkinson - Clerk to Governors

    Appointed by the governing board, I am responsible for advising the board on their constitutional and procedural matters and ensuring compliance within the relevant governance legislation. I also work to ensure the governing board operates efficiently and effectively.
    I have been Clerk to Governors at Falkland Primary School since March 2017.

    Declarations of interest: None

  • FORMER GOVERNORS (within the past 12 months):

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  • Andrew Jenkins - Associate Member, Sep '21 - Oct '22


  • Cathie Read - (Co-opted Governor, May ’21 – Jul '22)


    Declarations of interest: None

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