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Our Vision is...

To develop all our children to be healthy, confident, articulate, life-long learners who are making a positive contribution to society.

To ensure all our children leave us with the skills, knowledge and mind-set to reach their full potential.

In Jaunary 2020, Ofsted visited the school and agreed with us that we are a good school. This was in part because of what we were achieving and in part because they saw the efforts we were making to improve our pupils’ capabilities in all subject areas.

We believe we have continued to design our curriculum so that it

  • Develops learners who are engaged in their own learning and eager to know more
  • Builds towards planned endpoints so that it develops learners who know more, can do more and remember more, making links in their learning
  • Develops children who are able to articulate their ideas, thoughts and feelings
  • Develops children who have an expectation of success (linked to effort and resilience)
  • Encourages children to understand why values (Falkland and British) are important
  • Enables children to move to secondary school with the basic skills in reading, writing and maths in order to open doors for their future ambitions
  • Develops children with the subject knowledge to access a wide range of subjects at secondary school

We have based this on our Falkland vision and values while ensuring that a progression of knowledge and skills underpin our learning. We have been mindful of the requirements of the National Curriculum and our legal obligations in creating our curriculum.

When designing our curriculum, we have reflected on what is best for Falkland children at this point in time. In order to do this, we have taken into consideration our changing local context and the significant effect of the global pandemic on both academic outcomes and emotional well-being of our families. Through curriculum conversations, we know we have a duty of care to broaden our children’s horizons and to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum to all our children.

For further information as to how we implement and measure the impact of our curriculum please open the document below and scroll through to the end. 

At Falkland Primary School, we ensure we follow the 2014 National Curriculum.  Parents can download a guide to this, including an outline of the content for each year group below

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