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Please do not send your child into school if they have a persistent cough or a raised temperature.

If your child has other mild cold symptoms such as a runny nose with no cough or raised temperature, and your child is coping well with it, you may choose to send them into school. However, if they need pain relief in order to come to school, they are likely to be better off at home resting and recovering.

If they come into school and decline during the day, we will phone you to collect them. 

We are unable to administer pain relief or antibiotics for children at the moment. If in doubt, please keep them at home.

If a child is taken ill at school with a cough and/or raised temperature, we will isolate them using full PPE and you will be asked to collect your child from school and book a Covid-19 test.

If you are worried that their symptoms are Covid-19 related, then you need to have them tested and receive a negative result before sending them into school.

Please let the school know as soon as the result is received. If the test is positive, we will be following the latest Government guidance.

We have sent several children home already who struggled to cope with the school day and do not yet have the stamina to maintain their learning especially whilst under the weather. While we understand it is difficult for working parents to keep children off, in some cases it is in the child’s best interests

The cold that is doing the rounds at the moment has a cough, a temperature and a running nose and children are struggling to cope with it within the school day.   

In these uncertain times, if they are coughing, even if you believe it is a cold, please keep your child off school until they recover. You do not need to have them tested if you believe it is a cold. 

How do I know if it's a Cold or CV-19?



If your child is feeling unwell - if you keep them off until they recover it will most likely be for a couple of days - if we have to send them home and need you to get a test, this is both more frightening for everyone and will most likely involve a longer period off and  they are likely to infect others including their teachers.

To avoid over sharing of resources; could we please ask that all children in Years 1-6 have a small, named pencil case that contains a pencil, rubber, ruler, colouring pencils and a glue stick. For Years 3-6 a black handwriting pen as well.  We ask that this is left in school.  

We are operating staggered arrivals and departures and continuing to use both the back and front gates.

Please come as a family at the older child’s start time.

In order to avoid too many adults on site (the risk of adults spreading the virus is far higher than children) we will be asking that the older child in the family takes their sibling(s) to their classrooms. If this is not possible then we ask that you wait until the younger child is met by their teacher at the right gate. 


Main Gate

Back Gate


Year 5

Year 6


Year 3

Year 4

8.50 (met by their teachers)

Year 1

Year 2 *

From 9.00 


If you have a * Year 2 child and an EYFS or Year 1 child as well then you can either drop your Year 2 child off at the back gate and then walk round to the front with your younger child/ren or you can bring all your children to the front gate at the EYFS/Year 1 drop off time. We are happy for you to find an option that works for you as a family as Year 2 are the youngest year group to come in the back gate.

Year 5 (while current arrangements are in place) and Year 6 may bring a mobile phone into school – it will be handed in to the class teacher and returned at the end of the day. While we will take all due care of them in school we cannot be held responsible for any damage. 

Arrangements for Pick up 

If your child is in the Den please either come at their sibling’s start time or their year group’s start time.

This will be the same for the end of the day.

Please note Homework Club will be a self-led period of study with an adult in the room – it will not be an extra teaching session.

If your child is attending SCL wraparound care at Falkland or Busykids before or after school, arrangements are being made with these providers.

SCL children will be able to come through the main gate at drop off and pick up times. Please use the SCL website to book a place.

Childminders are free to adapt these arrangements to suit the ages of children in their care – if possible could we have a list of the children you are collecting so we are able to release the right child at the right time.

We regret that because of the current guidance on bubbles we will not be running after school clubs in the autumn term unless the advice changes.

If possible could only one parent come on site for pick up and please could they wear a mask.

Stay safe.
Kind regards,
Mrs Wood

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